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Brand Head, Kanmo Retail Group.
Currently based in Jakarta , Indonesia. International Retail Experience.
  • Posted on: 09/09/2022

    How does smartphone shopping differ from laptop shopping?

    I feel the smartphone is more handy and easy to carry ... at the same time, SEO and SEM tracks customer choice and feeds them what they like. I feel it's the other way around ... in world of AI, behavior is already identified and created via multiple offering of choice, leading to improved impulse buying.
  • Posted on: 08/30/2022

    Transactional reward programs are easy, but do they build customer loyalty?

    Loyalty programs were started to increase transactions and yes, with with time lots of transformation has happened. One rule doesn't apply for all categories. A person buying an expensive product might need immediate redemption and one buying everyday items will love getting transactional points and instant redemptions. Like Neil said, companies are busy gathering data, but how rigorously they are utilizing that data is matter of question. Secondly, when it comes to point issuance, most companies love to give but when it comes to redemptions, they feel it's hurting their pocket, though rewards in terms of retention was their first intention.
  • Posted on: 08/30/2022

    Full-price clothing retailers me-too off-pricers with a packaway inventory strategy

    One aspect which definitely impacted most brands during the pandemic was brand image, due to discount strategies. Now, with endemic covid and trace evaporating, it's time to focus on brand building. Packaway make sense and also gives analysts a way to divert merchandise to stores which are still struggling or marketplaces where discounts are still way high. Also, with inflation gearing up momentum, packaway can protect brands from increased price by shifting more sales to full-price items.
  • Posted on: 05/25/2022

    Will Adidas help Foot Locker get over Nike?

    Nike and Adidas have got their brand loyal customers. COVID-19 has impacted these brands positively with people's focus shifting toward sports and leisurewear. This is a temporary phase and data may shift again in another couple of months to 2019 levels. Brands I feel will be picking up in future will be Asics, Puma, and New Balance but I have doubts about Reebok.
  • Posted on: 03/07/2022

    What does Russia’s war on Ukraine mean for U.S. retail?

    It is the common public (especially earning middle class) who suffers the most. Last 2 years, rich became richer and mediocre became more poor from the COVID crisis. Now we this new geopolitical war. My belief is that inflation is going to be major issue and social insecurity with double the trouble. The buying power of the consumer will be affected as we will start seeing increase in product retail prices due to increased logistics and supply chain issues.
  • Posted on: 09/23/2021

    Will overstocking get retailers through the holidays?

    A few points to be considered while piling up additional inventory: 1. Logistics cost is multifold now, which will add to direct cost of product. And also increase in product cost prices from manufacturers. 2. Unpredictable market scenario (Covid and related issues). 3. Demand Factor (Where are we currently v/s 2019). 4. Market Scenario (Is it driven by Discounts?) 5. Core Mix to total inventory. 6. Plan to increase retail prices. If the market is on promo, costs are going up and brands are ready to drive traffic with cash margin driven by footfall increment, it's good to pile 1-2 months of stock because happy customers always comes back. November through December is peak trading time and also an opportunity to pull in customers. I believe we need to gain momentum when the majority are not willing to take a calculated risk.
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