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Monique Nadeau

Founder & CEO, EatLove
  • Posted on: 12/22/2017

    Are shoppable recipes a bigger opportunity than meal kits?

    Tom, many thanks for the insightful article. Customers expect personalization in nearly every area of their lives, including weekly meals, while increasingly embracing the direct connection between good food and better health. Until now, the link between health and lifestyle goals and weekly shopping has been intangible at best -- this has now changed dramatically. At EatLove and through our collaboration with AmazonFresh, our aim is to deliver what we call "comprehensive personalization" taking into account all the necessary variables including food allergies, preferences, and food waste to create the optimal meal plan. Food is the medicine we eat three times a day and one size doesn't fit all. Our advanced technology builds recommendations instantly, based in part, from the mapping of 160 macro/micro nutrients. We work closely with hundreds of talented registered dietitians to ensure that our meal plans are completely aligned with the latest nutritional science. Within a weekly plan, a meal kit could be a Thursday night solution for some consumers as we believe the true innovation is the ability for the consumer to evaluate, in real time and in the aggregate, which food choices will meet their personal goals related to nutritional needs, food waste, time and budget. This empowerment of the customer has the opportunity to drive deep and lasting changes throughout the shopping experience.
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