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  • Posted on: 12/27/2021

    Should customers be offered discounts to keep returns?

    What if online retailers could re-sell the return right off the customer's doorstep instead?
    • Customer A wins by getting quicker refund and not having to go to post office.
    • Customer B (new buyer) wins by getting new item for a discount.
    • Retailer wins by skipping reverse logistics and getting two happy customers, instead of one.
    There is still a cost to the retailer (discounted resale), but maybe it's a better reallocation of the loss? Feedback?
  • Posted on: 12/10/2021

    Will guilting consumers help reduce online’s high return rates?

    What if online retailers could re-sell the returns right off the customer's doorstep to the next buyer? Like a "returns marketplace," where retailers post the returns and a new local buyer purchases. Retailer wins by not having to move the item back up the logistics line. Customer wins because it's more convenient to put the item back on their doorstep for the next buyer to pick up, instead of printing return label and going to post office. New buyer wins, because they got a discount on a new item and just had to go pick it off a doorstep. Is there a world for something like this? Or am I seeing this problem/possible solution wrong?
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