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Chief Growth Officer
  • Posted on: 02/22/2022

    Are stores the answer to last-mile delivery?

    As someone engaged in the daily work of adding more retailers to the ecosystem of last mile delivery, I'm struck by the lack of focus on local economy, environment and superior convenience that comes with a smart last mile strategy in this discussion. At Chypp, we see same day delivery as ad advantage over Amazon not yet realized by most retailers but it's there. I won't give the pitch here but there is a scalable future to create wins for consumers, merchants and local communities. It's very early for the space but it's hard to see how it won't ultimately disrupt and potentially exterminate 1 or 2 day delivery.
  • Posted on: 01/19/2022

    Are retailers getting closer to nailing last-mile delivery?

    The same-day, last mile delivery component is a massive opportunity for the anti-Amazon crowd. Retailers don’t need to DIY, they can find brand conscious, retail oriented delivery partners. The retailer should get focused on making their local inventory feeds easily accessible. They will often REDUCE their shipping expense and create a "socially shareable" great transaction for the customer.
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