Nikki Barua

CEO, BeyondCurious
About Nikki Barua: Nikki Barua is a change agent with a big mission to unlock potential through ideas, inspiration, and tools for transformation. She is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and advisor who helps business leaders gain clarity of purpose and certainty of outcomes as they lead their organizations through change. She is the CEO of BeyondCurious, an award-winning digital transformation consultancy that partners with large companies to unlock innovation and growth. Barua has been recognized as a top female entrepreneur and has been featured in national media outlets including Fortune and Forbes. About BeyondCurious: BeyondCurious is a digital transformation consultancy that helps large companies become agile and innovative digital businesses. We accelerate business results using our proprietary methodology designed to help companies rethink their business model, reimagine their customer experience, upgrade their internal capabilities and adopt a culture of innovation. Our capabilities across research, strategy, design and development come together in a pod-driven, agile methodology applied in two-week sprints – across every discipline and all activities. For more information, visit us at:
  • Posted on: 02/28/2018

    CEO thinks momentum is on Macy’s side

    Retail is all about the experience now, not the apparel. Millennial mores have shifted and influenced the rest of culture. Millennials would rather buy a plane ticket than a handbag. For example, consider the fact that music concert ticket prices have risen faster than inflation, whereas brick-and-mortar retailers have been driven out of the market. Macy's must continue to invest in better in-store experience, service and engagement so it becomes a hub for its local community.
  • Posted on: 02/12/2018

    Amazon moves closer to FedEx and UPS’s turf

    Amazon's knowledge of its customers to deliver an unparalleled experience will be strengthened with more control over the supply chain logistics. This move opens up more opportunities to innovate, not just find cost efficiencies. This type of scale makes it harder for others to compete -- so collaboration with Amazon becomes a necessity, unless you can out-innovate them!
  • Posted on: 02/09/2018

    What makes a disruptive brand?

    Great brands are born out of a powerful purpose that people believe in. When employees and customers are fully aligned to something bigger than themselves, they become part of the tribe, they share inspiring stories, and they become fanatical advocates. That's when you have a movement, not just a business or a brand.
  • Posted on: 02/07/2018

    Will a CEO without department store experience transform Hudson’s Bay business?

    The challenges faced by HBC cannot be solved just by applying industry expertise. HBC has valuable assets, but requires a bold new vision and rapid innovation to gain relevance. Opportunities emerge from diverse perspectives, willingness to experiment, learning and adapting. Transforming HBC is not just about turning around the business, it's also about igniting a culture of innovation. Leading a business through such a transformation requires clarity, courage and conviction. Ms. Foulkes has already demonstrated her ability to do so in her past role.
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