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Marketing Specialist, Cambridge Retail Advisors
  • Posted on: 10/21/2021

    What does Gen Z want?

    Gen Z is very unique in regards to the generations before it. Authenticity is a very important factor in this generation. Everyone strives to have their own voice, to be heard and to be authentically themselves. The best way to reach Gen Z is to try to understand us. We want to be respected for our beliefs and want to connect with the products we are buying, personally. Also using the same technologies that we are used to is a smart move as well. The article mentioned TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram etc. People in my generation, including myself, use those apps 24/7 so that is the easiest way to reach us and grab our attention. Also, creating products that carry a societal message or creating a product that is sustainable and affordable is a very attractive factor to our generation. Gen Z cares more about societal issues from a younger age than any other generations have before. Being transparent is the key to gaining the respect and attention of Gen Z.
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