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Neha Gupta

  • Posted on: 09/17/2016

    How is omnichannel raising customer service expectations?

    Enhancing customer experience is a key factor and a challenge that every industry is facing today. Encountering the customer’s expectations, with the competitors around doing the same thing, requires lots of efforts and skills. Therefore, in order to survive, it is very important for organizations to provide the self-service app to their customers. Self-service is an effortless way to get the answers for customers. It totally depends upon the manner the companies are serving their customers. Customers want their time to be valued. They definitely prefer to go for another medium to solve their problems other than calling the contact centers for the solutions. Self-service can depend on factors like where they are, which device they are using, what else they are doing at the same time, the nature of their support request and so on. No matter on which medium companies are serving customers, the whole point is customer convenience and customer satisfaction. According to a study, fifty percent smartphone users want to have the ability to solve their problems on a smartphone app rather than calling into a customer contact center and also 56 percent of consumers are willing to use an app to avoid calling into the customer support center altogether. Providing self-service as per customer requirement can lead to great customer experience and this results in increased loyalty and promotion. To meet customer expectations, service providers must deploy a skilled and proficient partner, to help the service providers to improve their customer experience and streamline their operations.
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