Nick East

Co-founder and CEO of Zynstra
Nick is co-founder and CEO of Zynstra, leading all aspects of the business worldwide. Prior to Zynstra, Nick was General Manager for the “OSS” business at Amdocs, leading a global team of over 500 people, driving the strategy for the company and working with over 100 telco customers worldwide. Nick previously led the engineering team for Cramer, a successful software vendor in the telecoms space, joining in the start-up phase before first product release and working in technical and business management roles through the following 8 years prior to acquisition by Amdocs. Roles included responsibility for R&D, Support and Product Management organisations. Prior to Cramer, Nick worked in data communications products and services for the National Computing Centre, during which time he worked extensively in the US for the Department of Defence and their product vendors.
  • Posted on: 09/25/2017

    Retailers: Beware the Equifax breach

    The key thing retailers need to do is protect themselves and their customers, because the consequences can be devastating. Just think of loss of customer trust, negative impact on revenue, and let’s not forget the steep fines that can be imposed, especially in Europe as the GDPR deadline looms. It’s true that no business can remove the risk of cyber attacks and breaches completely, but it’s also true that there are a number of things that retailers and their IT teams can do to make it harder for cyber criminals to steal information or disrupt operations, such as patching and keeping infrastructure current. Of course the cyber threat challenge intensifies when dealing with a distributed branch network, but that only means retailers need to find better ways of keeping themselves protected, like using more intelligent infrastructure and increased use of automation.
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