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Peter Rose

  • Posted on: 12/20/2016

    Did retailers doom their holidays with deep discounts?

    I can never remember exactly how bad the over-storing of America is. I also can't specifically recall having that issue elucidated on this website, but I'm sure it has been, it has to have been. But in the face of excessive discounting, I would submit that overbuying is tautological at best, and missing the point altogether regardless. There is one reason, only one, for the annual bloodbath that elicits all the sage punditry: There is FAR too much supply. If it were cut by 75 percent, we might start to come into line with demand, and you would indeed see an end to the high-low game that the public demands, because it just wouldn't be necessary. 100 percent of the overkill is an endless parade of publicly-traded entities that have bastardized a once reputable, even venerable niche of capitalism (selling honest products for honest prices). This is not just sour grapes from the independent front lines; the mad rush to capture niche after niche, genre after genre by organizations that are required to continuously grow to satisfy shareholders has brought us to this state of unsupportable lunacy where price is the only differentiation. Buy less? Buy better? Nobody would argue, and really, nobody needs to be educated on that front. The truth is that almost all of the options out here in retail-land are unnecessary.
  • Posted on: 08/17/2016

    Will other brands follow Birkenstock in cutting off Amazon?

    This independent retailer applauds this action, regardless of the expedience of the circumstance. All merchandise sold online damages local economies, and removes all the capital from the monies circulating around the businesses and residents of each community they serve and/or belong to. None of the wise pundits out there give or lend any credence to this reality, that the "trees of the forest" are all being hollowed out, masked by the national picture that shows a rosy total scenario. So ANYTHING that detracts, however small, from the juggernaut that everyone so dearly loves is a wonderful thing. To fully identify with this perspective, one needs to have experienced retail from the '70s thorough yesterday, and to have watched market share collapse to fractional levels while national chains and internet companies proliferated. Individual companies can persevere by sheer will and excellence, but still nowhere near the levels once known before all of this began. And it is unlikely to steer monies back to local by Birkenstock as they sell online direct, so this is no real solution, but if it has the slightest chance of degrading Amazon, it gives at least me a small sense of satisfaction.
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