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Pamela Springer

President & CEO ORIS Intel
  • Posted on: 05/16/2016

    Should authorized retailers ever violate MAP policies?

    As an authorized trusted retailer, you should know how serious and consistent the manufacturer is in enforcing MAP. Enforcing MAP reinforces the commitment the manufacturer has to their trusted partners. If MAP is consistently being violated, it's a broader conversation with the manufacturer and you'd best understand where their pricing and overall program support is headed. As a manufacturer, you need to enforce your MAP in a consistent and compliant manner. Use the same enforcement methodology every day to contact violators (versus a random or arbitrary approach). Whether the violator is a large site or a small site, it's a violation — treat it the same. Some small sites can trigger larger sites to follow suit, so you've got to monitor all sites to make sure you've got a comprehensive view of all sellers. Rely on a great monitoring tool that enables you to comprehensively support the retailers that trust you're doing your part.
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