Quentin Smelzer

Senior Solution Engineer, Aptaris
17+ years professional experience in Retail/CPG analytics software solutions as a developer, marketer and sales specialist.
  • Posted on: 11/20/2017

    How open are consumers to AI-driven shopping?

    Consumers don't need to know whether AI is behind their shopping experience or not. What they need to see and feel is convenience, understanding of context, and assistance. These will be brand differentiaters for retailers. For example, I was recently shopping for wheels for my car. After a few clicks an AI system with picture and attribute recognition should have been able to determine the style and size I was looking for, and the many, many styles and sizes I was not. If a website had this technology, and quickly began filtering my search for me, presenting me with choices consistent with my needs and preferences, it would have saved me time and demonstrated intelligent, personalized understanding of my needs. This benefit would have been noticed and appreciated, increasing the odds of conversion, and fostering loyalty.
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