AVP - CPG and Retail, Capgemini America
  • Posted on: 08/29/2021

    Do new Shipt and Walmart programs signal big changes to come in the retail delivery market?

    Its not difficult to see that Walmart was planning this almost in lock step with their deal to get Shopify merchant on; now it will be a breeze for those smaller merchants to use the new delivery services too. Love Walmart's move to becoming a crowd-sourced Service provider of sorts, taking their competition with Amazon and Target-Shipt to these critical retail dimensions of marketplace -- last mile and services.
  • Posted on: 03/16/2021

    Which retailers are the most innovative in the business?

    I wonder if "fresh" business models (like apparel resale) and use of technologies like AI have motivated this list, more than simply looking at retailers who continue to "sustain leadership through innovation." If you were to look at the success of embracing a culture of serial innovations, names like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba and Target should be in the list all of the last 3 years, and especially so in 2020.
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