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Ray Allen

  • Posted on: 01/12/2019

    Are department stores seeing the Ghost of Christmas Future in bleak holiday results?

    I haven't seen the hard data, but many observations were made about good traffic this season. If someone takes the time to get in their car and come to your store, you should be able to sell them something. My personal observations were that stores had traffic, store employees were overwhelmed with inefficient operational activity, and there was very little engagement or proactive assistant on the sales floor. I am not sure it is a new problem or if the segment matters, but there is definitely a lot less patience out there. If a person is shopping for a gift and having any trouble digging through piles of un-curated merchandise or trouble getting any kind of assistance, they will not only leave, but shop somewhere else in the future. On the flip-side, a little service and attention can go a long way. Some retailers and certainly many individual store employees don't seem to think shoppers have other options. They certainly do.
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