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Jack Pansegrau

Adjunct Professor, Economics, Copper Mountain College
  • Posted on: 11/05/2021

    Can apps help reduce food waste?

    I love the app that scans receipts and provides expiration dates. I’d also like to see one that counts calories. My eyes are always bigger than my overall daily allowance. So if I bought less food because I could see that I just put 50,000 calories in my basket -- I think that would prevent food waste too.
  • Posted on: 09/21/2021

    Where are the weak points in in-store fulfillment?

    Just an anecdotal comment and a question. Just purchased an Icebreaker tee ($75) from REI. It arrived with the anti-theft tag still on it. REI 800# handled it immediately -- sent me a replacement and a shipping label -- but that ERROR is a costly one if repeated often. And REI is a leader in omnichannel. It also shows the potential pitfalls of dealing in expensive merchandise. My question, I have a student who was just hired by Walmart to work specifically as a picker for online orders at a local supercenter. He said he has his own little warehouse section in the rear of the store. I saw mention of Target, but none of Walmart. Where is Walmart in this process? Ahead or behind Target?
  • Posted on: 04/28/2021

    Report: Amazon will surpass Walmart as America’s biggest retailer by 2025

    So how does Walmart change my behavior? Anytime I think of something I “need” (and often it can be a product that I’m not even sure where I’d go to find it in a physical store...) I go, every time, to Amazon. I never check And if I don't buy it that day, I put it in my shopping cart and save it for later -- so it’s my "to do list," too. I have Amazon Prime and delivery is quick, returns are easy, my subscription service list keeps growing and now includes cat litter and cat food ... I have over two dozen items on subscription. I assume I’m the norm among Amazon Prime customers. How does Walmart get me to try them out? And I must say, even though I’m a Walmart shareholder, I have a mental image of that is connected to their crowded physical stores with endless checkout lines and impossible lines at the return desk. So I’m not planning to give a look very soon either. So is this seen as a serious problem for Walmart? Or is my experience irrelevant in the Big Picture.
  • Posted on: 11/07/2020

    Grocery workers continue to be at a high risk from COVID-19

    In my opinion, only one commenter made the most important observation -- stores need to max their safety protocols AND limit customers in the store at any one time, as well as proximity of employees to each other. And of course training and management oversight of both employees and customers. There can’t be any slacking or excuses for weariness. I forecast that more than even deaths, that many will find that Long Covid symptoms will prove in time to be a big, as of yet uncounted concern. I have several close friends who have serious ongoing symptoms and yet they were never hospitalized nor had any issues pre-Covid. So this is not “flu” and not unlike SARS, the longer term and lingering disease will be found to be quite serious. So I say PROTECT WORKERS and CUSTOMERS and let profits come as they will. Do the right thing.
  • Posted on: 04/29/2020

    Will shoppers go to the mall because Simon says it’s okay?

    I agree with those that suggest too many shoppers are not conscientious about maintaining social distancing and wearing masks (masks are key to cutting transmission). So in my opinion as long as Simon “only encourages the wearing of masks...” I believe it is not only a mistake but will lead to increasing infection rates and potentially leading to new “hotspots” and setting us back. This is where I believe mayors, counties and governors should follow the lead of countries like New Zealand and Germany that REQUIRE MASKS and enforce with fines. Let’s get real, “freedom” does not mean one has the right to risk the health of others! That’s why we have speed limits on highways - one is not “free” to drive as they please. So I’m an SPG shareholder that is disappointed.
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