Eduardo Vilar

Founder & CEO, Returnly
Eduardo Vilar is founder and CEO of Returnly, a post-purchase payments company that helps online retailers bring frictionless returns to the modern shopper.
  • Posted on: 06/03/2019

    What if unwanted online purchases didn’t have to be returned?

    Tom – and every other thoughtful commenter here – thanks so much for your interest in Green Returns. Many of you have mentioned the high risk of return abuse with returnless refund policies. The machine learning behind Returnly's offering is what makes returnless refunds possible without opening our partners up to this kind of fraud and abuse. We use proprietary behavioral shopper data combined with a merchant’s business rules, to make real-time decisions on who is eligible for this program. Shoppers who don’t receive this offer still get the seamless returns experience they were expecting, while those who do are wowed by the merchant’s generosity to keep a product for free. We make these decisions in real-time and on top of it, issue store credit funded by Returnly so the shopper can get a new item while waiting for their refund to be complete. I hope that answers some questions, but of course my team and I are open to deeper conversations if anyone would like to learn more.
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