Daniel Reynolds

Vice President & CFO, Calloway's Nursery, Inc.
The dean of retail garden center financial executives. Named Fort Worth's Top Public Company CFO in 2015.
  • Posted on: 05/28/2019

    How should retailers best on-board seasonal staff?

    These are excellent suggestions. Development of seasonal staff to provide great customer experiences must be a corporate priority. It's too important to delegate to "district managers." Make some one to two minute "how-to" videos that seasonal employees can view on their smartphones. This will provide accessibility and uniformity of message. Follow up with short online quizzes with "swag" type rewards for successful completion.
  • Posted on: 05/23/2019

    Are retail HQs and stores suffering a communication breakdown?

    Many retailers still employ a legacy "hub and spoke" system to provide information to front-line staff. This typically consists of channeling corporate messaging through "district managers" and store managers. No matter how well-crafted and consistent the message, this approach tends to subtract value by introducing confusion and delay. Use of technology to communicate directly with front-line staff offers the opportunity to improve agility and execution speed by reducing bureaucracy. This approach could work both ways, of course; offering front-line staff the opportunity to directly ask questions and give feedback.
  • Posted on: 01/10/2019

    Is it now or never for J.C. Penney?

    Sadly, J.C. Penney gave up on the transformation driven by Johnson and went back to its comfortable, old ways. That failure guaranteed that the company would only be able to recruit "caretaker" CEOs going forward. Perhaps the company can hang on for a while by closing stores, selling assets and refinancing debt.
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