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Ron Gerace

SVP, Product & Marketing
Ron Gerace is responsible for overseeing Exchange Solutions’ global product and marketing strategy, retail practice, and brand presence. He brings extensive leadership experience in omni-channel retail and e-commerce including general management, marketing, merchandising, and sales. Prior to joining Exchange Solutions, Ron held various leadership roles in a merchandising capacity; he held the position of Vice President, Chief Merchant for – responsible for over $1.5 billion in product sales – as well as Vice President, General Merchandising Manager for Staples Inc. Previously, Ron was General Manager at Wayfair Inc., a privately held, high growth, e-commerce, home-goods company. Ron currently serves on the Advisory Boards for Invisionate LLC and SuppliesToday LLC. Ron has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Bentley University and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.
  • Posted on: 05/12/2017

    Will Amazon dominate the online furniture market?

    Great points ... the wild card is Amazon adding the home as a channel. Unlike omnichannel retailers and even Wayfair, Amazon's technology such as Echo Show is a critical differentiator. The ability to scan a room for size, render furniture options and show what it looks like "in place" represents as close to a perfect furniture buying experience as possible. Better than uploading pictures, better than providing room dimensions and style preferences ... better than even VR. With the expected install base of Echo Show, Amazon will truly have a diabolical advantage. In my humble opinion.
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