Ricardo Pero SF

CEO of SellersFunding
Ricardo has 20+ years of experience in Corporate Treasury, Wealth and Asset Management. He is and has been an investor and advisor to companies in the US and LatAm. Ricardo has taken on various director roles in leading financial institutions such as JPMorgan, Citigroup & Merrill Lynch. He has an MBA in Finance from Columbia University.
  • Posted on: 11/04/2021

    Can 24/7 supply chain operations save Christmas?

    Given the disruption in the space, it's important to note that the world is experiencing the perfect storm of challenges. No one company could have prevented the supply chain issues or manufacturing issues from the standpoint of a global pandemic, or the stress that the booming growth of online shopping and e-commerce would place on marketplaces and their sellers. Large retailers and companies in the logistics space already commit a lot of resources to helping small and medium size businesses in their operations (both directly and indirectly), but the biggest thing that they can do to help small businesses today is to be aware of the burnout potential in their spaces. As mentioned, operating 24/7 simply isn't sustainable, and across the country we are seeing a shift in the way that workers and their employers interact. These changes in labor ripple across every industry, and while e-commerce companies can pivot and become some of the best places to work for their employees, if the labor in the industries that support us are not feeling supported and empowered, the supply issue will be prolonged and continue to hamper growth and innovation from SMBs in our space.
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