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Richard Mader

Semi retired retail consultant
45 years in retail, 15 as CIO, 20 as executive director ARTS
  • Posted on: 07/13/2021

    Will ‘Scan & Ship’ give Sam’s a leg up on club competition?

    My favorite store does it again. I shop Sam's weekly, usig scan and go, mobile shopping and checkout. This is a great addition. I always touch, feel and examine big items before buying on line. This new process is perfect for me and any other.
  • Posted on: 01/19/2017

    Will Walmart’s Scan & Go catch on this time around?

    Scan and Go is a great app; I use it every time I shop. It works well in Sam's because security is a person at the exit, and customers bag their purchases. The only limitation is government not allowing self checkout on some items like liquor and tobacco. A more complete consumer shop and pay application is Future Proof Retail, with a major focus on LP and one app works across multiple retailers. Consumer shop and pay applications will have a high level of consumer adoption when:
    1. Retailer modify checkout processes for this new way of shopping;
    2. Traditional POS hardware providers, who will lose a lot of revenue, surrender to consumers.
    Of course the huge hardware $ saving is why retailers continue looking for the "best" mobile shop and pay application.
  • Posted on: 01/19/2017

    Will Walmart’s Scan & Go catch on this time around?

    Scan & Go at Sam's is a great application. It works in this retail environment as the customer bags their purchases and security is a personal door check. The limitation is that it cannot do self scanning on liquor and other products specified by various levels of government. A more complete self-scan applications if FutureProof Retail. This work in traditional retail checkout processes, with a BIG focus on loss prevention. One FPR app on a consumer's phone serves multiple retailers. Self-scanning is great, but retailers must modify checkout standards and processes to make it work for consumers.
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