Robert Dyer

Senior Global Services Director, JDA Software
  • Posted on: 02/01/2018

    Race and security meet in lawsuit brought against Walmart

    The grim reality is that various store market areas are not necessarily in the best social-economic areas. I know this store and the surrounding area, and it is not what I would call safe. A nearby Walmart even has on-going issues with gang members bringing in guns and threatening associates and store management. In this case, I would guess that store management and district management analyzed physical inventory results and identified several categories of products that needed to be locked down. This is a tough decision, as this action greatly reduces sales and increases store labor needed to service these cases when customers need products from these locked cases. Obviously, it offends those customers with a stronger moral compass, but they need seek the right target of their outrage, which is not the retailer who is struggling for profitability in a high theft area.
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