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Robert Williams, Jr.

  • Posted on: 10/28/2018

    Has wine in a can moved from fad to trend?

    I agree with Ryan's pattern. Since I sent out the database info a month ago, the wineries are up to 225; 565 lines; 24 States; 20 Countries. Four of the top five wine producers are canning (EJGallo, The Wine Group, Constellation and Treasury). It will be interesting to see what happens this harvest. We do see this as additive to bottle sales, primarily due to the factors pointed out in the article and comments. And don't underestimate the 100% recycle aspect -- Millennials and many others love that fact. We found 15-20% savings can over bottle, with one winery stating 40%. Interestingly, the infrastructure is now ramping up, from mobile canners, to installed lines, to contract canners. If you're interested in more, drop me a line at or LinkedIn. Great article Tom!
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