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  • Posted on: 07/26/2022

    Lowe’s gives full-time store staff the option of a four-day work week

    I started working at Lowe's about 3 weeks ago and having a set schedule is just important as a living wage. (I have 15+ years of painting experience (self-employed), years of customer service in other retail settings, and apartment maintenance experience, and still start at $15hr.) There is no reason FT employee hours should fluctuate each week. Yes, I chose to work there because I like the home improvement industry. But if they want to keep experienced people like me, or attract other trade professionals, Lowe's needs to smarten up. I'm already planning my exit. At 45, my time and knowledge are worth way more than $15hr. And a structured schedule would be easier to fill. They want FT people to have "open availability"... that's not realistic.
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