Sachin Sinha

Co-Founder OxeBox
Driven by Technology. Travel. Food Building OxeBox paperless billing platform for retailers and consumers.
  • Posted on: 01/22/2019

    Will Amazon succeed with brand sampling rooted in machine learning?

    Amazon's Product Sampling Program for CPG Brands will be a great enabler for new product adoption but considering the past history of similar other maneuvers by Amazon it could also prove to be a double edged sword for CPG brands, as there is probability of Amazon launching its own private label of similar other successful products. Therefore CPG brands should tread carefully in this direction.
  • Posted on: 01/15/2019

    NRF: Can retailers boost transactions with personalized receipts?

    Digital eReceipts should be looked at more than just as a way to cross-sell and up sell. Over the years the way people buy and pay for things has changed, but a majority of receipts are still generated as paper receipts. Retailers should also look at the environmental (forgoing 55,000 receipts can spare an entire tree) and health (thermal paper receipts contain BPA residue) benefits of digital receipts. Besides, paper receipts don’t add any value for retailers or consumers and with its limited shelf-life, there is hardly any scope for engagement on paper receipts. The engagement on digital receipts will be any day better than paper receipts. Agree that sending promotional offers without any relevance will not create much impact, be it either paper or digital e-receipts.
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