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Sam Schrup

Founder, TextRetailer
Sam is a two-time solo founder in the SMS text messaging space. His first company, Textiful, helps organizations grow their email lists through text messages. Sam was able to quit his job in 2019 to focus on the business full time. Textiful is still in operation and has grown to six figures in ARR. Sam is now building TextRetailer ( which helps eCommerce brands sell products directly through SMS text messages.
  • Posted on: 01/07/2022

    Will 2022 be the year of text-to-shop?

    It's true that texting with a business isn't for everyone. Just like with email campaigns, retailers need to provide consistent value to their subscriber list. Otherwise the channel will not be successful. A mix of product offers and educational, engaging content goes a long way. Customers that decide to join a texting list are VIPs. They are highly engaged with the brand and want to receive text messages from them. Our merchants are seeing an average conversation rates of 7% on their shop by text campaigns. (I've even see some campaigns top 30% conversions!)
  • Posted on: 01/07/2022

    Will 2022 be the year of text-to-shop?

    I agree 100%. The technology is definitely suited better for certain types of products. Shopping by text works great for consumables and impulse purchases. Coffee, wine, cosmetics, consumer packaged goods are great examples. Products that require customer research or lots of explanation probably aren't a good fit.
  • Posted on: 01/07/2022

    Will 2022 be the year of text-to-shop?

    When done right "reply to buy" through text can be virtually frictionless. Here's a quick video that shows how convenient it can be for customers.
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