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  • Posted on: 02/12/2021

    Whole Foods gets a lot right and wrong

    I know this is the venue, but this thread is a pile of inside baseball. The average consumer does not relate to the shopping experience the way the people here do. Yes, there are tons of Amazon shoppers, but again, the average consumer is still there. The data in this article also makes no sense; saying that brick and mortar sales declined 10 percent in 2020 does not lend any credence to your argument that there is some sort of issue with the in-store experience. The issue is with the virus. I am also really surprised to see supposed retail professionals lamenting supply chain issues as a failure of the in-store shopping experience. If there are no strawberries in the store, IN JANUARY, it is not because the Whole Foods model of brick and mortar stores doesn't work. Noting that the cafe is closed as another point? Come on people. You know there is a pandemic, right? And inviting people to congregate for long periods of time in a grocery store is unsafe? The references to Whole Paycheck and surly store clerks are the kind of thing you see on Yelp, not on an industry discussion board. The level of service in all grocery retail is not what it once was, but that is due to consolidation and private equity cost cutting more than it is changes made to Whole Foods. Stew Leonards, name checked by a couple of people, is a shell of its former self.
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