CEO and Co-Founder, Intelligence Node
Sanjeev Sularia is CEO of Intelligence Node, a retail analytics and AI price optimization company that offers the world’s largest retail product index. Prior to founding Intelligence Node, Sanjeev was the CFO for, a fast-growing high-end fashion e-commerce site acquired by Snapdeal, and CFO for, a private label e-commerce company acquired by Myntra. Sanjeev is a graduate of London Business School and a Forbes Technology Council member.
  • Posted on: 05/22/2020

    Who wins/loses if Amazon pushes Prime Day to September?

    Amazon Prime Day 2019 lasted 48 hours. The 2020 event will have to be longer than that to fuel consumer spending. Pushing back Prime Day to September will work better for Amazon with some consumption appetite restored by then, as long as there is either no second wave of the pandemic or a much milder second wave. The September Prime Day could easily turn into a prime quarter, extending into the holiday season with competitive pricing increasing pressure on all retailers to offer more and more deals. The aggressive promotional strategy will be the key to attract the newfound customer behavior, where a lot of American consumers have learned how to shop online for the first time and have gotten more comfortable with it. In the race to acquire this new digital savvy customer segment and to reward the more evolved comparative shoppers, offering competitive and compelling deals for an extended period will become an essential part of every retailer.
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