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Owner, Fundemonium Toys
Steven founded Fundemonium as a place to bring joy to families through creative play, hobbies, and games. Fundemonium is a store where we invite you to stay and play rather than just shop and go.
  • Posted on: 11/30/2021

    Is Small Business Saturday losing steam?

    As an independent local retailer, I had a great weekend after Thanksgiving all three days BF, SBS, and what we call Santa Sunday were up significantly. However, the Shop Small, Shop Local for the common good mantra has gotten stale and ineffective. Yes shopping local keeps money in the community and supports small local business. Many articles about shopping local say you pay a little more at local shops, but it is worth it to support your community. But is shaming local shoppers to pay a morality tax the way to encourage them to shop local? Shopping local provides the best personal shopping experience and value. When you shop at a local independent retail store:
    • You encounter someone who likely knows, likes, and cares about you. Compared to some creepy algorithm.
    • You interact with people who truly want to serve you and help you make the best choice. Compared to reading anonymous reviews.
    • You receive support from people dedicated to solving any problems you may encounter. Compared to hanging on a support line for hours.
    • You enjoy the appreciation of people who value you as part of the community. Compared to being a nameless fly-speck on a corporate report.
    Shopping local does benefit your entire community but that is just icing on an already satisfying cake. Shop local because you are worth it and you deserve a premium personal experience. That is the message that needs to be promoted.
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