Chief Product Officer/Founder, SellHound
Passionate about the future of stuff, Suzanne is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong seller of anything and everything. Over 20 years selling online as well as creating technology and innovation in the reselling space. Suzanne has hacked eBay and other selling platforms to vastly improve the sellers' experience. She's built two companies, leading teams of engineers, contractors, marketers, and strategists to deliver innovative solutions to online selling problems. Proven leadership in understanding markets and customer needs and successfully delivering features to meet those needs, to the delight and amazement of the users. In the 90's Suzanne worked as an actor in multiple Hollywood films and tv shows.
  • Posted on: 10/08/2020

    Will Levi’s Secondhand store give the brand a sustainable advantage?

    It makes sense for Levis to re-claim and re-sell their products. Their used stuff is highly collectible and can sell for crazy prices. I just did a quick search on eBay and found a pair of WWII era Levi jeans that sold for over $50,000! There are over 200 thousand Levi branded items currently for sale on eBay and half that amount of solds (which is a great current/sold ratio). Secondary marketplaces are making a fortune on the Levi brand and Levi does not get a cut! This way Levi can have more control over their brand and earn a profit on the same item multiple times. It makes perfect sense!
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