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Tim S

  • Posted on: 05/22/2018

    Amazon bans chronic returners

    I fully understand and support the need to curb excessive returns. I work in an office with just over 100 people. Almost every Monday morning there is a fairly big stack of outbound Amazon or other online shopping returns. When I ask coworkers it is usually things like that wasn't the shade of red I wanted or the sleeves/legs are too long, or this brand of shoes doesn't fit right in my size or I guess my kid had a growth spurt ... etc. Rarely is it because it was a completely wrong item.
  • Posted on: 04/09/2018

    Is Walmart building a tower of power with its expanding in-store pickup network?

    The stores I have seen have towers up front. If you choose an off peak time -- not 5 p.m. on Friday, it is an easy process. Even when picking up a TV I was in/out in under 10 minutes with associate bringing it from the back on a cart.
  • Posted on: 12/12/2016

    Is in-store videoconferencing omnichannel’s logical next step?

    I think this works for specialty and upscale retailers with limited or no retail buildings like Orvis, L.L.Bean, etc. It would expand on their Chat function. Representatives will need to be VERY knowledgeable on products. Risk could be that shoppers use it as a vehicle to complain (to be heard) or return merchandise which could lead to needing even more specialized customer service staff.
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