Tim Tang

With a background in both engineering and human/organizational studies, Tim Tang has degrees on both sides of his brain. With over 20 years of professional experience in developing enterprise solutions, Tang is keenly interested in the intersection of technology and humanity. As a director at Hughes, Tang studies various enterprise markets (e.g. Restaurant, Retail, and Banking/Finance) to anticipate trends which will enable enterprise customers to fully unlock the business value of technology.
  • Posted on: 03/13/2018

    Will acquiring tech startups help Nordstrom boost its digital ops?

    With regards to which of the acquisitions will have a bigger impact: in the near-term, I expect the BevyUp acquisition to have a greater business impact with it’s focus on the existing customer base. Longer term, I bet MessageYes will drive a disproportionate share of the business with the upcoming customer base. Some points to consider: “PUSH vs. PULL” -- With the traffic challenges facing many malls, the BevyUp acquisition enables the store associate to proactively reach out to their customer base to cultivate the personal, high-touch relationships required to draw the customer into the store. “80/20” -- If one were to assume the future Nordstrom customer will do 80 percent of their shopping online and 20 percent in-store, then the MessageYes acquisition will eventually play a dominant role in the buyer’s journey. “Nordstrom Local” -- Both of these acquisitions meaningfully contribute to Nordstrom’s push into a smaller, no-inventory format. With the rapid evolution of retail and customer expectation, this blended approach of empowering the associate now, while preparing for an increasingly digitally-dominant consumer appears to be a reasonable play.
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