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Tim Kilroy

Entrepreneur. Acquisition-Focused Digital Marketing Guy. SEO, SEM & Social Advertising Are Weapons To Wield
  • Posted on: 08/03/2017

    Can vending units help Uniqlo achieve success in the U.S.?

    I agree with the other commenters -- this is an incremental revenue tactic whereas Uniqlo needs a rethink about retail. They can stay brick-and-mortar and be successful (like Primark and H&M) but they need to meet the U.S. retail market more fully and invest in retail that work. Most of their stores are in high-traffic/low-intent locations (like Boston's Faneuil Hall) whereas they need to be finding those more destination shopping locations. I think they missed how the U.S. retail market operates. They need to build more general awareness of the brand before they can have success -- Uniqlo has presented itself, generally, as a boutique fashion brand, but they are a low-cost retailer. They need to get the messaging straight, focus on destination shopping and maximize the online value messaging.
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