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CEO, Flxpoint

Travis Mariea is CEO of Flxpoint, a retail operations platform built for connected commerce. An advocate of the distributed fulfillment supply chain model, Travis is passionate about empowering merchants to compete in the rapidly evolving retail industry. He is a veteran ecommerce and cloud computing leader and previously served as CEO of Inventory Source and Current Commerce, and was the Director of SMB Services at Cloud Sherpas (acquired by Accenture). Travis has a BS from Florida State University.

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  • Posted on: 04/26/2022

    Are JCPenney’s owners a good fit to take over Kohl’s?

    Definitely an interesting move and I would think there is much more upside for JCPenney than Kohl's in this deal. Kohl's has been fairly progressive in their push to online and incorporating new technology. They have embraced expansion of assortment via dropship, partnered with Amazon for returns, etc. While JCPenney seems to want to double down on in-store (according to their recent marketing campaign). So maybe the differing approaches can be complementary to round out a complete retail vision but more likely it seems that there could be some shake up and misalignment of vision/future strategies.
  • Posted on: 04/18/2022

    Carrefour uses blockchain to offer consumers greater supply chain transparency

    Proving organic origin is a great application of blockchain technology but I feel the major opportunity is in eliminating the counterfeit/resale market. Allowing consumers to feel 100 percent confident in product authenticity when purchasing a branded item from a reseller would be a massive win as a whole for the retail industry. It would first take an organization to spearhead this effort (which I don't believe I have heard of today) and then if enough big name brands buy into to the program, it could certainly lead to a breakthrough of blockchain in retail. Amazon I would imagine would be the biggest proponent of this as they have fought against counterfeit resellers for years and I would imagine they are likely already having conversations about how this technology can solve this major issue for them.
  • Posted on: 04/07/2022

    Will JCPenney’s core customers come back and show their love?

    With households with a median income of between $50,000 and $75,000 and an older demographic as their target audience, I think getting shoppers back in makes a ton of sense vs doubling down online. We have seen other discount or "value" retailers like 5 Below and Dollar General thrive in the physical space in recent times where margins are slim and shipping makes less sense.
  • Posted on: 04/04/2022

    Is curbside pickup-only grocery a viable business model?

    Curbside only is a very interesting strategy that feels more like a potentially disruptive fulfillment model for e-commerce rather than just an extension of brick-and-mortar (as curbside is today). It feels they could serve a dual purpose of not only being a "dark store" for pickup but also a micro-fulfillment center for last-mile delivery. The high (and increasing) costs of shipping to residential addresses has always been a barrier for traditional retailers to grow their e-commerce businesses. The potential to drastically reduce the last-mile delivery costs with micro-fulfillment "curbside only" stores (or eliminate it completely with the option to pickup) could be very interesting. I think the jury is still out on whether "curbside only" as as single go-to-market strategy and business model would work, but as part of a larger strategy to reduce fulfillment costs and delight online shoppers I think it certainly has legs.
  • Posted on: 04/01/2022

    Is Pacsun’s mall on Roblox the start of something ‘metaversally’ big?

    Our society will undoubtedly be spending more time in the digital world with each year that passes. For retailers looking to add an additional revenue stream that has scaling that they have never seen before, it is an easy decision to make this investment now. Yes, it is early and they likely won't see return on this investment in the people and technology they have had to add to support this initiative for many years to come -- but the upside is enormous and it feels like a safe bet to be an early mover here.
  • Posted on: 04/01/2022

    Will retail digital media’s growth extend into stores?

    There will certainly be retailers that adopt this and others that are hesitant as they feel it may not be "on brand" or promote a poor customer experience (like any other adoption of new technology). However with the right execution this seems like a natural evolution for those that already have an advertising revenue stream to help scale this revenue stream. For those that don't already leverage ad revenue, this is certainly going to open more retailers' minds to the possibility of adding this as a revenue stream.

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