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Founder & CEO, Intelocate
Yulia Vasilyeva is the founder and CEO of Intelocate. With an educational background in communications, life-long entrepreneurial aspirations and several years working with national retailers on an operational level, it was easy for Yulia to recognize that there were inherent gaps that are just ‘accepted’ within the retail eco-system. With an ever changing and steadily more challenging retail marketplace, Intelocate was born to painlessly fill in these gaps, streamline communication and ensure a seamless brand experience.
  • Posted on: 04/15/2021

    What will going to mostly full-time staff mean for Walmart’s stores?

    Consistency and regularity of communication is going to help steady the teams and give consumers a sense of quality. We see this from all sorts of customers that have steady rock solid staff. As we come out of the pandemic, this will help with being able to tackle unanticipated problems that come with surging store traffic and increasing consumer demands. A good example of this is Costco - they've been quite legendary about being loyal to staff and because of this, they have loyal staff that have been around for years, all well trained, and focused on driving a wonderful experience in-store.
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