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Cornell educated rocketscientist who has spent that last 20 years providing simple solutions to complex applied AI, eCommerce, CPG & Big data problems. Currently building a fast growing team at, applying advanced systems engineering, behavioral mechanics and AI to revolutionize how digital advertising is done. DNA is an all-in-one ads automation & AI-optimization platform that makes it easy to get great ad results on 12 top ad networks. 10 minutes on can yield 6+ times better ad performance in days.
  • Posted on: 10/29/2020

    DTC brand Mack Weldon proves a good fit for consumers living through the pandemic

    The less "self-interested" approach shows customers empathy -- a trait sorely missing in public discourse, and therefore quite welcome from brands. It's clear to me that comfort products can do pretty well in the current social zeitgeist -- I've personally bought a slew of new sweat pants this year. What set's Mack Weldon and others that are succeeding apart is a willingness to try new things by leaning into customer-centricity. When you show you care (masks), offer them something they want (to feel better) and have a message the aligns with their aspiration (comfort) -- You win. Sometimes by 200%.
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