AAA Repairs Consumer Confidence

Jan 08, 2004

By George Anderson

Local American Automobile Association (AAA) chapters have opened their own car repair service shops in response to the growing number of complaints the group has received from
consumers about shoddy repair work done on their cars.

Jean Ann Fox, consumer protection director for the Consumer Federation of America, told the Associated Press, “This is someplace where consumers definitely need help.”

The chapters setting up repair shops, interestingly, are not determining the success of their businesses by bottom line profits. According to the AP, “Store managers are
judged primarily on customer satisfaction, as measured in mail-in surveys.”

David Parsons, president, AAA Carolinas said, “We want to make sure we do it one time, the first time, the right way. If we’re referring you to somebody else, we don’t have that
same level of control.”

Moderator’s Comment: What are your thoughts on AAA getting into the car repair business and more importantly, how they are evaluating their own performance?

Tony Molla, spokesperson for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence thinks AAA has a winning concept. “As far as brand recognition, AAA
is right up there with the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.”
Anderson – Moderator

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