Everybody’s Got To Get Victoria’s Secret

Apr 06, 2004

By George Anderson

Rock stars and super models going together is not an unusual occurrence in
the circles of the rich and famous. David Bowie is married to Iman, Rod Stewart
was married to Rachel Hunter and Mick Jagger may or may not have been married
to Jerry Hall.

Despite the frequent meeting of the music and fashion worlds, there is still
a bit of an uproar over Bob Dylan’s decision to not only lend (sell actually)
his song, Love Sick, but person to making a commercial for Victoria’s

The spot features Mr. Dylan’s 62-year old face intercut with shots of Adriana
Lima moving around Venice in bra, panties and spike heels.

Ed Razek, chief creative officer for Victoria’s Secret told the Associated
he has no idea why the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer chose to do the
spot. “I can’t speculate to his reasons. I never talked to him about why he
decided to come to the party, but he did. He’s iconic, a living legend.”

Moderator’s Comment: What are
your thoughts on Victoria Secret’s using Bob Dylan in its commercial? What about
Mr. Dylan’s decision to say yes to doing the spot?

As someone who grew up on Bob Dylan’s words and music,
we think we speak for all when we say how happy we are that this is not a spot
for incontinence pads, hemorrhoid cream or other product that gives us more
information about Mr. Dylan’s bodily function than we need or would like to

We do have to agree with the sentiments expressed by the
New York disc jockey Dennis Elsas, who told the Associated Press, “I would be
hesitant to say it’s awful or wonderful. It’s just strange.” George
Anderson – Moderator

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