Fuddruckers Freedom Fries Dis French

Mar 14, 2003

By George Anderson

The fast-food restaurant chain, Fuddruckers, announced that it would rename its french fries, Freedom Fries.

The company president, Bryce King said, “Every guest who steps up to a counter at their local Fuddruckers and says ‘Give me Freedom Fries,’ shows their true support for those who guard our most important freedoms, especially freedom from fear.”

Moderator’s Comment: What are your thoughts on Freedom

We appreciate the patriotic symbolism of Freedom Fries.
We do, however, have some practical concerns on the issue.

  1. We do not remember ever coming across a french fry
    in France. This action will likely have more effect on potato farmers in Idaho
    than politicians in Paris.

  2. As with the 9/11 tragedy, the bandwagon will grow as
    there are those that seek to profit from the name change. We’d hate to see
    what started out as one man’s act of support for his country turn into something
    much less noble. [George
    Anderson – Moderator

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