Mentors Wanted

Jul 30, 2004

By George Anderson

Young professionals are looking for advice on career and life from more experience and successful colleagues but few are getting it, according to the latest Act One column by Jennifer Saranow in The Wall Street Journal.

In Good Advice Can Be Hard to Find, Ms. Saranow writes, “For those starting out in their careers, having a mentor can be a valuable asset. Generally a more experienced person in the same field, a mentor can help a twentysomething with job decisions, provide honest feedback and open doors through introductions. If also a co-worker, a mentor can also be priceless for inside scoops on maneuvering through office politics.”

Moderator’s Comment: Has a mentor(s) played an important role in your career? What are your thoughts on ways for companies to develop an atmosphere that
encourages mentorship?

Practice mindful acts of kindness today — mentor someone.
George Anderson – Moderator

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