The Low-Carb Way Of The World

Feb 19, 2004

By George Anderson

Millions of American consumers, even those not following Atkins or South Beach, are watching the amount of carbohydrates in their diets and the number is growing.

Lawrence Shiman, senior account executive for Opinion Dynamics Corporation, which recently published a white paper, Measuring the Low-Carb Revolution, said, “The popularity
of the low-carb diet is much greater than previously reported, and it has led to substantial shifts in the consumption of a wide variety of foods.”

“Our research shows this is truly a revolution, not a passing fad, and will dramatically impact not only eating habits but also how the food service industry approaches the nation’s
220 million adult consumers,” he added.

According to Opinion Dynamics, 11 percent of Americans are currently on a low-carb diet and another 20 percent will start one in the next two years.

Moderator’s Comment: Are low-carb diets a fad or
does the trend represent a fundamental shift in the way we eat? Has the food industry’s response been proportional to the low-carb diet business opportunity?

Anderson – Moderator

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