The Second Term

Jan 20, 2005

By George Anderson

As George W. Bush places his left hand on a family Bible and his right hand in the air to take the oath of office at his inauguration today, it will mark the official start of the second term of his Presidency. What that will mean for the nation and its people remains to be seen.

What is known is the President has a list of action items — or at least discussion items in the case of tax code reform — he wants to see result in legislation before his time in the nation’s capital comes to a close.

In addition to the aforementioned tax code review, Mr. Bush is looking for lawmakers to pass tort and Social Security reforms as well as address the illegal immigrant issue. These along with a few other ongoing issues from the President’s first term, such as national security, international relations, the Federal Budget deficit, the trade deficit, healthcare and education, will keep Mr. Bush (or at least his team) busy until it’s time for him to head back home to Crawford, Tex. for good.

Moderator’s Comment: Which of Mr. Bush’s goals for his second term, if enacted into legislation, would have the greatest impact on retailers?

George Anderson – Moderator

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