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Industry leading cannabis odor-elimination technology launches candle to meet demand
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LAS VEGAS – (July 11, 2023) Aroma Retail, the premier environmental scenting company that disrupted the industry with its development of its Canna-Less Collection product line – that not only neutralizes the smell of cannabis but changes the unwanted smell at the molecular level – continues to expand with its addition of candles to the product line-up.

“We revolutionized the environmental scenting industry with the launch of our cannabis odor-elimination technology Aroma Retail’s Canna-Less Collection,” said Jim Reding, CEO of Aroma Retail. “With the addition of candles in this line, our customers will not only be able to neutralize the smell of marijuana but will also revitalize their space with their choice of three refreshing candle scents. Made fresh when ordered with all-natural soy wax, Canna-Less candles come in a 10-ounce glass apothecary jar with a glass lid.”

Unique to the Canna-Less line-up is the combatting of the scent molecule, Prenylthiol, that is responsible for the skunky smell of marijuana. Other current solutions on the market only mask the smell, many times resulting in two combating scents. The Canna-Less line changes the way marijuana smells after it has neutralized the scent. The scent offerings include Peach By The Gram, which smells like a fresh unripe peach, Matchajuana, a fresh take on a brewed matcha tea and Reefresh, that neutralizes the marijuana scent into a combination of floral scent with a light citrus background.

Founded by President Cristina Reding and CEO Jim Reding, Las Vegas-based Aroma Retail develops custom signature scents for consumers, small businesses and enterprises who seek to enhance spaces with scents that are unique and transform any venue. The fragrances harness the power of all natural, organic, plant-based compounds of the essential oils, in a safe and natural diffusing base that is hypoallergenic to eliminate funky smells from carpets, furniture, and more. No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), phthalates, or allergens.

The candle, linen spray and refills for the Aroma Retail’s signature scent machines are available in travel, home and professional space sizes. The collection ranges in price from $19.95-$599.95 for scents and machines for travel, home and business use.

About Aroma Retail
Founded in 2017, Aroma Retail is a leading Environmental Scenting Company that offers diffusers and fragrance oils that make up its extensive fragrance library to consumers, small businesses and enterprises. From developing custom signature scents from small ice cream shops to NFL football stadiums, Aroma offers collections dedicated to specific places, moods, and seasons. The pure grade fragrance oils are free of synthetic toxins and volatile organic compounds, meaning the scents can be diffused in public spaces without the public’s consent because they cannot cause an allergic reaction in people or pets.

Aroma Retail custom fragrance solutions are compliant to standards mandated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), CARB (California Air Resources Board), and IFRA (International Fragrance Association). The brand’s fragrances contain no phthalates, no allergens (according to the Annexe III of the European cosmetic guideline), and no high VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and use California Proposition 65 compliant ingredients. No banned ingredients according to the Annexe 2 of the European cosmetic guidelines (lyral) and the Canadian Hotlist, are included. To learn more, please visit –