Rally, the investment app known for allowing users to own equity in collectibles, has opened its highly anticipated museum in New York City. Located in Soho, “The Rally Museum” offers a unique interactive experience for collectors and enthusiasts. The 3,000+-square-foot exhibition showcases rare and unique pieces of history, including a Broadside Copy of the Declaration of Independence, Honus Wagner’s “T206” Card, and a complete Triceratops skull. The museum will also serve as a launch pad for Rally’s upcoming IPOs, allowing potential investors to reserve equity shares and preview items before investing. Visitors can explore over 450 collectibles across 25 categories, ranging from dinosaur fossils and classic cars to sports memorabilia and comic books. The museum concludes with a digital experience, where guests can create and mint NFTs. Admission to the museum is free, and visitors have the option to purchase shares in the displayed collectibles. Rally aims to provide an immersive and tangible investment experience, bridging the gap between investing and physical assets.