Domo, a leading data experience platform, has announced that it will be hosting a webinar on June 14, 2023, featuring HungerRush, a cloud-based restaurant POS system provider. The webinar will focus on the insights and experiences of HungerRush’s marketing leaders who utilize the Domo platform to enhance their marketing programs and cultivate a data-driven company culture.

The conversation will be moderated by Domo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Wendy Steinle, and will delve into three important marketing questions: overall marketing performance across all channels, identification of successful and unsuccessful marketing tactics and their reasons, and the measurable impact of marketing on the business.

The webinar, titled “Data Is Our Marketing Superpower—Lessons From HungerRush,” is scheduled for Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at 1pm ET. Interested participants can register for the event on Domo’s website.

Domo’s cloud-native data experience platform offers advanced business intelligence and analytics capabilities, providing user-friendly dashboards and apps to make data visible and actionable. By connecting with existing cloud and legacy systems, Domo helps companies optimize critical business processes at scale, fostering exponential business results through bold curiosity.

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