Impossible Foods

California-based Impossible Foods has introduced its newest addition to its plant-based beef portfolio: the Impossible Indulgent Burger. This premium version of the original Impossible Burger patty offers a juicier, meatier, and more indulgent experience for discerning burger-lovers. The burger, which rivals the taste of ground beef from cows, comes in a thick, third-pound patty that promises maximum flavor and juiciness. It also boasts less shrinkage than traditional beef burgers when cooked. Like all Impossible Burger products, the Indulgent Burger is a good source of protein and contains no cholesterol, animal hormones, or antibiotics. It has a significantly smaller environmental footprint compared to meat from animals. The Indulgent Burger joins Impossible Foods’ lineup of plant-based beef products, including their flagship ground beef product and the leaner Beef Lite version. The company is also launching brand advertising campaigns to promote its products during the summer grilling season and expanding availability at select restaurants and retailers. Impossible Foods aims to make delicious and sustainable plant-based meat alternatives that replicate the flavors and textures of animal meat.