Montclair, NJ – We are thrilled to announce the launch of CrowdKit, a groundbreaking software platform designed specifically for AirBnBs, restaurants, hotels, and online marketers to offer promotions and amenities, enhance customer engagement, and optimize marketing strategies. With its advanced features, CrowdKit empowers businesses to connect with customers and effortlessly share information to create unparalleled experiences.

Key Features of CrowdKit:

  • Promotions, Contests, and Amenities: CrowdKit elevates standard amenities into dynamic marketing tools that help both businesses and their guests. Harnessing Wi-Fi information, promotions, contests, loyalty programs, and coupons, CrowdKit empowers modern businesses to build audiences with finesse.
  • Customer Journey Insights: CrowdKit Fusion creates a timeline showing how social interactions result in in-person visits. For example, a retail business using CrowdKit can see how their TV campaigns generate social media engagement and then in-store visits.
  • Customer Contact Sharing: CrowdKit makes it simple for guests to share their contact information with businesses, and this info is automatically used to build email lists through CrowdKit’s robust integrations with email marketing providers.

“We are excited to introduce CrowdKit, an incredible platform for crafting unforgettable guest experiences and building high-performing audiences,” said Peter Skinner, Founder at CrowdKit. “CrowdKit’s focus on simple and effective features will empower businesses of every size to delight their customers while maximizing their marketing efforts.”

CrowdKit’s entry-level tiers allow access to its robust feature set for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s a boutique hotel, a bustling restaurant, or a cozy café, CrowdKit offers a range of features tailored to each industry, ensuring a seamless integration with existing operations.

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About CrowdKit
CrowdKit is an innovative software platform created to transform business-customer interactions in the hospitality, restaurant, and retail industries. With its comprehensive features, including promotions, contests, customer contact sharing, and customer journey insights, CrowdKit enables businesses to create unforgettable experiences, strengthen relationships, and optimize their marketing strategies.