PSQ Holdings, Inc. and Colombier Acquisition Corp.

PSQ Holdings, Inc. (PublicSq.), a marketplace of patriotic businesses and consumers, has announced a significant increase in its consumer membership base. In just one week, the platform gained over 300,000 new consumer members, resulting in a growth rate of more than 40% and surpassing one million consumer members in under 11 months since its nationwide launch. The surge in consumer membership propelled PublicSq. to become the #2 shopping app and the #3 free app in Apple’s App Store, surpassing popular shopping apps like Shopify, Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

This growth comes at a time when major retailers, including Target, are facing public backlash for perceived progressive and politicized agendas. PublicSq.’s rapid rise indicates a strong demand from consumers who want to shop and support businesses that align with their values. The platform has also seen substantial growth in business sign-ups, with over 50,000 companies joining the platform.

Michael Seifert, Founder and CEO of PublicSq., expressed excitement over reaching the milestone of one million consumer members and suggested that the platform’s growth demonstrates consumer fatigue with corporations advancing DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) agendas. PublicSq. aims to provide a commerce experience that connects Americans with values-aligned small businesses and believes it is part of a larger shift in consumer shopping preferences.

PublicSq. is an app and website that allows patriotic Americans to connect with businesses that share their values. It offers a platform for consumers to shop according to their beliefs and supports over 50,000 businesses across various industries. The platform is free for both consumers and business owners to join.