Shapeways, a leading digital manufacturing company, has announced key investments in its software offering through its MFG brand. The company has launched a 3D Model Viewer on the platform, providing manufacturers with a unified platform and advanced technology to view 3D models of custom parts. This new feature streamlines the quoting process, enhances accuracy, and speeds up the purchasing experience for buyers.

Alongside the 3D Model Viewer, Shapeways has refreshed the MFG brand, resulting in a 33% increase in demand for premium subscriptions. The brand refresh aligns the logo and colors with an emphasis on advanced technology and reflects the company’s commitment to expanding its software tools and service offerings. The 3D Model Viewer includes advanced measuring tools, a cutting planes view, and editing tools with annotation capabilities. Shapeways plans to further grow and develop the MFG platform as a comprehensive software platform for manufacturing, aiming to provide more opportunities and benefits for manufacturers and buyers.