Upbound Group, Inc.

In a heartwarming display of community support, Upbound Group, Inc. announced their successful annual “Spring for Kids” fundraising campaign, which raised nearly $149,000 for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The campaign, which aims to promote youth empowerment and child development, saw enthusiastic participation from coworkers across Upbound’s various brands and offices.

The campaign garnered a considerable contribution of almost $37,500 from coworkers spanning Upbound’s diverse portfolio, which includes brands like Rent-A-Center, Get It Now!/Home Choice, AcceptanceNow, and Acima. The company’s Field Support Center in Plano, Texas, and its Salt Lake City office also enthusiastically chipped in, collectively donating almost $12,000 to support local Boys & Girls Clubs. With Upbound’s additional company match, the fundraising drive achieved an impressive total of close to $149,000.

Anthony Blasquez, the executive vice president of Operations at Upbound, emphasized the company’s commitment to family and youth empowerment. He expressed gratitude to the dedicated coworkers who invested their time, effort, and money to back this meaningful cause. The ongoing partnership between Upbound and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which spans over a decade, showcases Upbound’s dedication to creating opportunities for kids and teens to flourish.

Chad Hartman, the national vice president of Corporate Partnerships & Engagement at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, highlighted the pivotal role played by partners like Upbound. Hartman stressed that such support enables Boys & Girls Clubs to amplify their impact by providing safe environments, mentorship, and enriching programs that pave the way for young individuals to succeed.

Upbound’s generous contribution stands as a testament to their enduring commitment to fostering youth development and strengthening communities. Over the years, their collaboration with Boys & Girls Clubs of America has generated over $460,000, propelling kids and teens toward brighter futures enriched by the resources and mentorship they need.