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San Diego – Videotel Digital, the only manufacturer serving the digital signage industry with the widest variety of sensor-driven, interactive, touch and touch-less peripherals and that provides reliable, affordable and simple-to-use out-of-the-box industrial-grade 4K digital signage media players, looping DVD players and directional sound speakers, today introduced the all NEW VP72 4K industrial-grade interactive digital signage media player.

The all new VP72 4K provides more resolution options – 4K, 2K, or 1080 – and high bit-rate playback, which provides a sharp, crisp, and high-quality picture and comes packed with a variety of features:

• The unit auto-powers on, auto-plays, auto loops and repeats without manual interaction
• It has a built-in scheduler allowing content to be pre-programed to play art specific times of day or days during the week
• The player becomes interactive when paired with LED push buttons, touchless IR buttons, motion and proximity sensors, weight sensors, and RFID tags or scanners.
• The unit has an R232 serial interface that meets standard communication protocol for data transfer and is capable of one-way communication between devices

In addition, new features now enable the user to both pause and play content while in the interactive mode. Like all Videotel Digital’s digital signage media players, the VP72 4K is easy to install, comes with a two-year warranty, and works right out of the box. Videotel Digital offers free technical support should a customer require it.

Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s EVP of Marketing and Sales said, “Our new VP72 4K digital signage media player delivers a high-quality video picture and is packed with features for extreme flexibility and broad applications. We are beyond excited to add this player to our line up.”

To learn more about Videotel Digital’s all new VP72 4K industrial-grade interactive digital signage media player go HERE. Information on Videotel Digital’s interactive touch and touch-less peripherals is available HERE. Information on all Videotel Digital’s industrial-grade, interactive digital signage media players can be seen HERE.

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