Zenni, the leading online eyewear retailer, has introduced FL-41 migraine lenses to assist individuals with light sensitivity caused by migraines, post-concussion symptoms, and other conditions. These innovative lenses, available in a range of rose-colored tints (25%, 50%, and 80%), filter out specific wavelengths of light to alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of migraines. Backed by research, the FL-41 lenses may benefit migraine sufferers by decreasing attack frequency and alleviating symptoms of eye strain and light sensitivity.

Zenni’s migraine lenses can be added to a selection of their frames, providing customers with a combination of therapeutic relief and fashionable style. The lenses come in two different indexes and are priced starting at $45.95, offering an affordable solution for those in need. With its commitment to accessible technology, Zenni aims to drive costs down while delivering the highest quality eyewear to consumers.

By introducing the migraine lenses and utilizing AI-powered digital tools like Prescription Scan and Image Search, Zenni continues its mission to offer top-notch, affordable glasses and simplify the online shopping experience for its customers. This latest technology innovation underscores Zenni’s dedication to making eyewear accessible to all while addressing the unique needs of individuals with migraines and light sensitivity.